The Dead Zone is Home to Julien Coquentin’s Childhood Memories

All images by Julien Coquentin. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

Childhood memories often serve as sources of inspiration for creatives, so it’s not surprising to find many compelling works driven by its nostalgic imagery. However, instead of presenting images of gentleness, innocence, and fondness for a time gone by, French photographer Julien Coquentin takes his viewers to what he calls The Dead Zone, which reimagines his childhood haunts.

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Julien Coquentin: Capturing Photos of Luminous Darkness


All images by Julien Coquentin. Used with permission.

Photographer Julien Coquentin is no stranger to the site. We’ve featured his work from the Black Seasons project before, and considering that we fell head over heels for his image style, we were curious to see a new series that he shot in Rome. “In each corner a discovery. I let myself be carried by the wind and rain, odors and step of passersby,” said Julien. He continued by calling the scenes that he’s attracted to “Luminous darkness.”

What Julien essentially did was a combination of street and travel photography. He says that when he photographs, he keeps a certain distance, and that’s why he uses a 50mm lens on a Yashica Mat. Then he likes to disappear into the next moment.

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Black Seasons is a Beautiful Childhood Memoir


All images by Julien Coquentin. Used with permission

Photographer Julien Coquentin has been slowly releasing a special series on Behance called “Black Seasons.” At the moment of publishing this piece, he has released his 7th part. It’s an ongoing project documenting parts of his childhood that were very important to him. Julien grew up in France and then travelled to Montreal for a few years. Upon coming back, he tried to reconnect with the things he left behind. Julien was a different man and so he takes these photos not only for himself, but for his daughters and their daughters.

We talked to Julien about the project that in some ways is a family tree story telling photo project.

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