Julia Hembree: Putting a Feeling Forward in Expressive Portraiture

All images by Julia Hembree. Used with permission.


“Moving to New York by myself was an idea that I many times said to myself ‘WHAT AM I DOINNNNGGGG???!?!?!?!?'” says Photographer Julia Hembree; a Brooklyn based creative that describes herself as always drawn to vulnerability. “I questioned if photography should be my career when I can get so fearful of failing, but what I have had to remember is that weaknesses can often be strengths. My personal work often deals with those weaknesses.” She loves nature, working with people, and finding a way to express herself through imagery. Using both surreal and project-based methods, her photography has a particular appeal to it that draws one in and makes them want to look at more.

“Shooting portraiture has become another way to identify and meet other people that fills me in a way that transcends where I live (although I do get to live in the best city ever) and what other side jobs I have to take on to pay the bills.” says Julia. “I am a recent graduate with the drive to create meaningful opportunities and experiences for myself and others.”

Julia’s story involves not only portraiture, but also a big move to the big city to get the big gigs.


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