A Look at 5 Photographers Documenting Civil Rights Struggles

These photographers are doing the work we need to truly pay attention to.

In our 11 years, we’ve interviewed lots of photographers. But more importantly, we’ve stayed close to our photojournalism roots. Our platform has been used by many photographers to get the word out. Much of what documentary photography about these days is Civil Rights. It’s happening all across the world in various ways. There are stories at the top of the news every morning about it. But there are some that haven’t really been told as much. For Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, we’re counting down a few that we’ve featured.

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Josué Rivas Uses His Fujifilm GFX 100 to Tell Stories of Indigenous Folks

All images by Josué Rivas. Used with permission.

“Making images has allowed me to see people as full people,” says Josué Rivas in our interview. “We all carry light and also darkness, I’m always curious about the shadows in our stories. In my experience, when we are able to be vulnerable, then we see the light in ourselves and others.” These are some of Josué’s sources of inspiration. Beyond that, our interview with him delved into the necessity for diverse representation–an element he often explores. He also shared more details with us about how he uses his camera to further this endeavor, and how he found his way into photography.

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A Look at Photographers Documenting the Modern Civil Rights Movement

On a day that we remember one of the most influential spokespersons of the civil rights movement, we take a look at some the more modern-day struggles photographers are documenting.

It’s almost 51 years since the death Martin Luther King Jr. He helped shape the world and was the face of the fight that would spark change in the oppression of the black community and the on-going racial divide. Photography played its part in history, documenting the rise of one of the world’s most influential figures and the movement that came with him. Now in 2019, the fight he would no doubt be at the front of if he could is still being fought. This goes beyond black and white; this is about any social group that is facing oppression and adversity. And as the modern civil right movement is in full force, we have a generation of photographers here to capture it.

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