John Werle’s Abstract Film Snow Drift Photos


All images by John Werle. Used with permission.

Photographer John Werle hails from Western Canada, and started in photography when he was going back to university, after a year off, and, naively, thought he needed a creative outlet. “My father had an early auto-exposure Zeiss, which always frustrated him because he could never remember how to use it the once or twice a year he pulled it out.” says John. “I started using it, in spite of its limitations, but progressed as soon as I could to a Canon Ftb, which was my first serious camera.”

Film and working in the darkroom would become a love of John’s. He was always into shapes, forms, curbes, shadows, lights, etc.

Because of his environment, he was always intrigued by the snow drifts. “After a particularly heavy snow, driven by strong winds, I had a location in mind and it proved to be even better than I had anticipated.” says John. “That was the genesis for this series, as I hoped to capture the sensuous shape and form of the drifts.”

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