Cub and Company is a New Luxury Strap Maker With Rugged Design Cues

neck strap2

It seems that the luxury camera strap arena is building momentum even more–with loads of the companies taking pride in both American manufacturing and designing. And the latest addition to the list is Cub and Company. Created by photographer Joel Chavez out in Long Island, NY, these straps have an alluring vintage appeal to them while maintaining a semi-upscale aesthetic to them that would appeal to would appeal to those looking for something with a youthful edge. We wouldn’t exactly call them hipster, but we’d sure as hell say that they’re for the discerning shooter.

Joel works out of his basement out on the island manufacturing and designing each strap. They’re all made from full grain leather, and waxed linen thread for better durability–which tends to be a very common process amongst the American companies.

Amongst the products on the goods page are a strap designed just for the SX-70,  a wrist straps, a sling strap, normal camera strap, and film holders. Yes: Joel still appeals to the long forgotten part of our identity as photographers. We recommend heading over to their page and taking an oogle at the gorgeous designs.

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