Creating the Photograph: Joe Giacomet’s, “Ronald’s Dirty Secret”


Editor’s Note: Creating the Photograph is an original series where we interview photographers all about a photo that they shot how it was achieved. The results are some knowledge passed onto you. Want to be featured? Email chrisgampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com

Joe Giacomet was recently featured on this site for his Kickstarter for a one image project that he’s aiming to create called, “Cash for Gold.” After going through Joe’s portfolio, we were extremely impressed by his creativity, set design, and ability to really play with his imagination and bring it into the real world. The imagination translated over to his photographs, and one in particular really stood out at us. Growing up, I knew Ronald McDonald to be something that always reminded me to bug my parents that I wanted a Crispy Chicken Deluxe and that I also wanted some sort of happy meal toy. Like many things from my childhood though, they get tainted–and Giacomet imagined the most friendly clown in the world violating his own ethics.

Here’s his story. And if you’re interested check out more in our Creating the Photograph series.


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