Photographer Joe Giacomet Parodies Vladimir Tretchikoff’s “Chinese Girl”

All images by Joe Giacomet. Used with permission. 

To bring portraiture work to another level, often photographers will explore interesting and specific themes to work with, which includes playing with creative ideas and inspirations usually drawn from cultural references. Joe Giacomet has created a stunning series of portraits parodying the Vladimir Tretchikoff ‘s famous painting titled ‘Chinese Girl’. Joe has been featured on the site more than once.

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An Early Glimpse of Joe Giacomet’s Shots for the Cigar Sanctum Ad Campaign



All images shot by and used with permission from Joe Giacomet.

London-based photographer and cinematographer Joe Giacomet creates powerful photographs that are as dark as they are eccentric. He has a way of turning real everyday scenarios, with the help of amazing lighting, into thoughtful reflections of human emotions and conditions. When you look at his photos, it’s almost as if you’re looking into a parallel universe, one that is very similar but way darker and more cynical upon closer look.

But when new jeweler Cigar Sanctum, a company that makes jewelries for the passionate cigar smokers (set to launch on the 15th of February), commissioned him to photograph the advertising for their debut, Giacomet had a different vision, entirely.

“The subjects he photographed were not models but interesting characters in their own right, and all were dedicated cigar smokers. In his selection of subjects Joe showed how, in the world of cigars, a seemingly unrelated group of people can come together based on their love of cigars.”

The results from the shoot were as thought-provoking as his other, more skeptical images, however. Subjecting each man to the same aesthetics and exposing them in the same lighting conditions, he was able to create images of strong masculinity that fits the brand perfectly. More importantly, he was able to put the men all in equal footing and highlight their commonality – their love of cigars.

We’re lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the images from this fantastic campaign and we’re sharing them with you. See them after the jump. Be sure to also check out Joe’s Creating the Photograph guest blog post that he did for us.

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This Kickstarter is Meant to Fund the Creation of One Image


Most Kickstarters try to fund the creation of a series of images. But this latest project from Joe Giacomet is all for the creation of one image in the studio. Entitled, “Cash for Gold” it follows the story of an Olympic mascot that stuck around even after the Olympics are over. But now that no one is talking about it, the mascot decides to sell this gold medals.

Joe has scouted locations of various Cash for Gold stores (quick tip, they’re usually mafia owned) but hasn’t found quite the perfect look that he wanted. So in order to create the image, he’s planning on creating the scene in his studio. In turn, the Kickstarter is to fund the creation with props, set building, assistants being paid and all. And in return, he will offer a behind the scenes video of how he works.

Giacomet’s work actually has a very fine art feel to it and he’s won awards for his photography. He needs 1,500 quid (Euro) to get this done–which is honestly pennies when it comes to a major production shoot like this. Don’t take our word for it though. Listen to Joe after the jump.

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