Here’s Why You Should Emphasize the Eyes When Shooting Portraits

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“I choose to see my subjects as people…not objects…” says photographer Joe Edelman in his latest video discussing why he shoots portraits with such heavy emphasis on the eyes. Indeed, many photographers state that they focus primarily on getting the eyes as they’re the metaphorical windows to the soul. But in addition to this, many people also tend to make eye contact immediately and the eyes are usually one of the first things that someone looks at in a portrait or headshot.

The video also shows loads and loads of Joe’s images where the eyes are more or less the center of his work as well and the story of how someone came into his studio and explained how they felt connection with the subjects that he shot because of working on getting the eyes right.

If we can give you a personal tip on this: use a flash and stop down the lens a bit to ensure that they’re sharply and accurately in focus. Using a flash adds specular highlights which make the eyes pop even more in an image and add extra sharpness that a lens and camera can’t otherwise deliver.

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