Hasselblad Coming Out With a Sony DSLR


When Hasselblad first announced the Lunar camera, they also cited that they’d be working together closer with Sony on future collaborations. Back then, they also cited that they’d be working with Sony on a DSLR–and we’re positive that they’ll be putting out some sort of iteration of the A99. Petapixel picked up on a job listing citing the DSLR’s development and Photo Rumors did a little bit more research. According to Photography Bay, the job listing cites the need for a product manager to work on a pair of compacts and a DSLR.

A pair of compacts you say?! Yes, and hopefully they won’t have such a craptastic build quality as previous owners have cited. Indeed though, this isn’t what we’ve come to know and love about Hasselblad. They do a damned good job in the medium format realm–arguably the best. And they killed their darling 503CW, but all the previous rumors before the Lunar announcement pointed to the camera perhaps being a digital panoramic cam.

And unfortunately, Hasselblad’s previous lovers have been let down. In terms of a business strategy though, they’re surely trying to bring in new customers–and in this case ones that can shell out the dough.