The Next Star Wars Movie Will Be Shot on Film



The new Star Wars movie that everyone is groaning about is apparently going to be shot on film according to a story on the Verge. JJ Abrams made the decision after Episode II and III were shot digitally. Specifically, Bob Fett Fan Club is stating that Abrams and crew will be using Kodak Motion Picture Film Stock 5219. Sound familiar? A company called CineStill is taking this film and rehousing it for 35mm still camera use.

Abrams is known for his big use of anamorphic lens flares–so we can also probably expect that to be all over this film. He’ll be teaming up with Cinematographer Dan Mindel, according to Slashfilm. Movies that have been shot on 5219 include Quantum of Solace, the Soloist, a recent Got Milk commercial, and Men in Black III to list a few.

The return to film is an interesting take on the industry as many teams try to shoot digitally these days and it obviously needs to all be incorporated into the budget, developed, scanned, and worked with in post.