This Photographer’s Custom Made Tilt Shift Lenses Look Like Sci-Fi Props

All images by Jin Kim, used with permission.

When we first laid eyes on this custom made tilt shift lens on Reddit, we thought it was a prop from a science fiction movie. Our attention was piqued and we had to learn more. It turns out they are tilt shift lenses that the Redditor’s father, photographer Jin Kim, had custom made. Tilt-shift photography is a popular genre of photography that involves manipulating depth of field and perspective. Real world objects often take on a toy like appearance in resulting tilt-shift images. Specially designed tilt-shift lenses or adapters are required to achieve this effect practically in-camera, but they can be costly and challenging to use. This has resulted in some photographers opting to simulate the effect during post-production using programs like Photoshop instead. The same principle can also be applied in reverse to magnify the depth of field, but commercially available lenses and adapters don’t cater to this kind of tilt-shifting. To tackle this challenge, Jin Kim came up with some interesting DIY solutions. Jin was kind enough to share the stories behind his custom made lenses with us.

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