Don’t Look Now: A Darker Look at Venice


All images by Jez Sullivan. Used with permission.

Photographer Jez Sullivan is a creative that is heavily influenced by the world of cinema. He used to play in rock bands, and then a change in life made his creative energy take a different turn. But Jez has a very specific and unique creative vision because of, well, his vision. You see, (no pun intended), Jez suffered from an extreme astigmatism for a very long time. It stabilized, and he then took to translating his creativity into capturing images.

Jez likes to be very low profile, and that is partially how he captured the images for “Don’t Look Now.” Jez tells the Phoblographer that the project is inspired by Nic Roeg’s 1973 gothic horror starring Julie Christie & Donald Sutherland.

“As a regular visitor to Venice, I was surprised at how many photographers fall into the trap of either producing ‘postcard’ type images, or simply using the theatre of the carnival as a backdrop.” says Jez.

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