This Skateboard Sequence Was Shot on Polaroids


All images by Jeremy Scurto. Used with permission.

Most photographers know that shooting Polaroids and instant film is very slow and exacting process when you’re using true medium format cameras and not the ones actually made by Polaroid themselves. But somehow or another photographer Jeremy Scurto was able to figure out a way to capture an entire skateboard sequence on Polaroid film. And the way that he did it is incredibly clever. Jeremy started taking Polaroid photography seriously at the start of this year. “I had always messed around with digital and 35mm but this form really stuck with me.” says Jeremy. “I use a range of different Polaroids now from the RZ to the 600SE and even a few land cameras I have as daily point-and-shoots.”

To get the image above and the ones you’ll see after the jump, Jeremy loaded three Mamiya RZ67s and 50mm f4.6 lenses with Fujifilm FP-3000B and used three different shutter releases. By placing them all in the exact right location and firing the shutters off in the correct sequence, he was able to capture these scenes in unison. “The way we got the three RZ’s to fire off in sequence was to have them all set up with shutter release cables. I held the cables in my left hand with the mirrors locked up ready to fire. I then rolled my right palm over them, bang bang bang, that’s all she wrote.”

In our eyes, it’s pretty clever and incredibly beautiful. The other images are after the jump.

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