Dear Zeiss: Please Bring Back the Contax T2 Film Point and Shoot Camera

The Contax T2 has proven itself to be an incredibly popular film camera. So why not bring it back?

In my mind, the film Renaissance is bigger than we’d like to think, but it can be even larger. When speaking to friends who handle sales in the film world, the sales of film itself isn’t necessarily up any more than it was compared to digital. However, the sales of Instax and instant film is really up there. With folks like Kendal Jenner and Chris Helmsworth using the Contax T2, people have been looking to get their hands on it. The prices on eBay skyrocket to $2,000 and even higher in some cases. Indeed, it is a popular film camera highly sought after partially due to its celebrity status. While many of us know that it’s not the camera that takes the picture (it’s the photographer, you dummy) there is certainly appeal about the Contax T2.

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