Dubble Celebrates First Birthday With the Super Colorful JELLY 35mm Film Emulsion

Can’t get enough of colors that pop? Think your photos could use some extra colors? The new JELLY film by Dubble and KONO! will surely paint your photos with rainbow hues! 

Attention, film photographers! It’s Dubble’s first birthday and they came up with something fitting to celebrate. Say hello to the new JELLY film, which is also Dubble’s fifth launch in collaboration with KONO! The Reanimated Film. This new offering is a pre-exposed 35mm C41 film that promises to drench your snaps with brilliant colors. Think you can use it to paint your everyday photos in multi-colored hues? How about making your party snaps drip with psychedelia? Either way, looks like this new film should never go missing in your stash!

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