Watch The Nokia Lumia 928 Fly Over Canada–and Get Some Serious Jello Effect

In the world of the cameraphone, the Nokia Lumia series is trying really hard to take down the iPhone and the likes of Samsung. But in another recent campaign video, the company took the camera out into the wilderness to show off more of its video capabilities. Unfortunately, it experiences lots of jello, fringing and there are loads of artifacts due to the compression.

Now keep in mind though that this doesn’t mean that it’s a bad camera, but it could mean that the video quality isn’t quite up to par although demonstrating some advantages over the iPhone and Samsung’s S3 in a previous video. If you’re going to use it as a still camera though, it will probably still wipe the floor with your point and shoot.

We’re going to try to get a unit in for review as we work more with testing cameras out.