Watch This Photographer Photograph Harpy Eagles in the Nest

Screenshot taken from the video

Screenshot taken from the video

Photographer Jeff Cremer recently completed a video showcasing his trek into the rainforest to photograph the elusive Harpy Eagle–the largest eagles in the world. While he’s at it, he also talks a lot about the Canon 800mm f5.6 lens that he’s shooting with and trekking up high into the trees. His lens is covered in camo gear to keep it blended in well with the surroundings and he’s using the Canon 7D to capture photos of the birds.

Jeff talks about how he’s shooting in aperture priority with the ISO fixed at 800 to allow the shutter speed to be fast enough. This way he can focus more on actually getting the photo than fiddling with settings. Jeff also talks about exposure compensation and how brighter images reduce the amount of ISO noise in a scene.

The video is a great break from the daily routine and will get you excited if you aren’t already by one of the world’s most elusive birds.

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