JB Camera Designs’ New Wood Grips for the Sony RX1 and Fujifilm X100s May Give You Wood

JB Wood Grip-28

JB Camera designs has been designing grips for a short time now, and the company’s most recent additions are lip-bitingly beautiful. They’re announcing a 1.3 oz wood grip for the Sony RX1 and one for the Fujifilm X100s as well. These ergonomic enhancements are crafted from Peruvian Walnut that has been hand sand and finished then multiple layers of a hand rubbed sealer are added to protect the wood. Over time, they’re saying that it will develop a distressed look.

The grips also sport a slight ‘bumper’ edge that extends around the sides of the camera help protects it from accidental bumps and scratches to the LCD if placed on its back. Admitedly though, we’re not sure how that may work out in terms of real life use. however, they insist that the curvature of the front grip was designed to allow the third and fourth fingers to lock on to a firm comfortable grip. On the bottom is an access port for your battery and SD card if needed. It connects to the camera via the tripod socket.

All of the products are made in the US. And the RX1 grip and X100s grip are available on Amazon for $79.95 at the according links. Also be sure to check out our review of the grip for the OMD EM5.

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