Weighing in on Photographer Jason Lanier’s Sexual Assault Allegations

“When you get pregnant – not by me – when your life that you were doing with my company ends, and you become bitter, stop taking it out on me” – Jason Lanier, 50:40)

Former Sony Artisan Jason Lanier (who was dismissed for undisclosed reasons) is now facing multiple accusations of sexual misconduct from several models who have previously worked with him. To engage in this discussion, we need to break a few things down first; one is the importance of power dynamics at play in a situation like a photographer/model relationship. One woman’s video speaks to character assassination on multiple, professional levels – a fear so many of us deal with when faced with these situations.

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8 Motivational Facebook Groups for Portrait Photographers

Portrait photographers can sometimes feel like they’ve got no place for a spot just for them. Of course Instagram can be tough about this, but oddly enough Facebook isn’t. There are loads of groups dedicated to just portrait photographers that can mean all the difference for them when it comes to learning, inspiration, networking, etc.

Here are eight that we’re currently smitten by.

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