The First Metabones SpeedBooster Knock Off Has Been Spotted in Real Life


Oh man, things are about to get heated. Metabones has been making waves with their SpeedBooster for mirrorless cameras. But Sony Alpha Rumors, has already spotted the new Mitakon knock off. According to the site, Mitakon’s parent company will avoid a patent lawsuit because the Mitakon has a reduction ration of 0.726 (Speed Booster is 0.71). It’s a manual adapter only while some Speed Booster adapters also support full electronic AF and Aperture control. The Lens Turbo price is set at US$239.

As it is though, Metabones has put a delay on their Micro Four Thirds products, and Jared Abrams already tweeted about quality issues. We’re wondering what will come next as this story just becomes more interesting.

Jared Abrams Offers Warning to Metabones SpeedBooster Users Via Twitter

Jared Abrams on Twitter

Last night on Twitter, Cinematographer Jared Abrams offered a warning to Metabones SpeedBooster adapter uses. Features Editor Abram Goglanian reached out to him asking what happened and apparently the adapter shredded the electronic contacts on a lens. The victim this time was a Carl Zeiss 35mm f1.4 lens–which goes for just under $2,000. From a producer’s point of view, that’s just another expense that you hope you budgeted for.

The adapter is extremely popular due to its widening abilities and the extra stop of aperture. It may make some people think twice about purchasing the unit if this doesn’t blow over well. But we also then wonder how many people are considering their new competitor Mitakon.

Metabones has already stated that their SpeedBooster for Micro Four Thirds has been delayed; let’s just hope that no more problems arise.