Opinion: Ansel Adams Was More of a Chemist Than a Photographer

Photographer Ansel Adams specialized in landscapes and the development process–and less so on the art of photography.

This piece is written after some very careful thinking about Ansel Adams. He’s a celebrated photographer who took a lot of photos during his time. But, what made him famous more than anything else could perhaps be his development process and his prints. He’s one of the creators of the Zone system, and that translated into the work he conducted in the darkroom. But think carefully: what makes his work different than someone who specialized in laboratory work? Surely, anyone could have shot these same photos, right? But not everyone could have developed the images to be the same, which further means that without the process he created in the darkroom, his images wouldn’t have been anything special.

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Photoville 2019 Was More Than Just Pretty Pictures

Photoville is the one event I look to most for insightful inspiration and necessary illumination of visual narratives within our industry.

The beauty and magic of Photoville is its ability to explore and expose the need for intersectional representation, whether examining exhibitions from a perspective of sexuality, gender, ethnicity, etc. Subsequently, I’d love to share some of the projects I found most influential, and examine why they are compelling, either by breaking molds, highlighting issues frequently left on the table, or challenging the traditional narratives we often encounter. Continue reading…