New Market Stats Suggest Canon Needs an RF Mount Rebel Camera Now

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As Canon cameras are absent from the top 10 selling cameras in Japan for November 2019, perhaps it’s time for an RF Mount Rebel.

It seems as though things are going from bad to worse for Canon. For the first time in what seems like an eternity, the top-selling cameras in Japan for a given month do not belong to Canon. Not only is Canon’s absence in the top three unexpected, but there are also no Canon cameras in the top 10 for November 2019. Ouch. Canon’s insistence on pushing their M mount is not paying off, so maybe it’s time for an RF mount Rebel camera. Let’s talk about this.

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The Canon EOS M50 Is One of Their Most Popular Cameras, But Why?

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In Japan, the EOS M50 is outselling competing devices at a furious pace.

The Canon EOS M series of cameras have been around for a while, and while they aren’t class-leading devices, and despite the fact that they use a lens mount with few lens options, they seem to be selling rather well in some countries. A recent report shows just how well; the numbers are mind-boggling, but also show why Canon’s financials aren’t exactly making their bank managers happy. Join us after the break to take a look at the numbers, and to see why perhaps the M50 is selling better than anyone anticipated. Continue reading…

Casio Reminds Everyone That it Makes Cameras by Killing Its Camera Division

We’ve all forgotten about those Casio compact cameras, and the reminder came in the announcement of them abandoning their camera products

If your first compact digital camera was a handy Casio EXILIM or even a Casio QV-10, you must be feeling somewhat nostalgic over the recent news of the company killing off its camera division. The rest of us, however, have most likely forgotten that Casio was even making cameras until they made the announcement.

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