22 of the Best Black Photographers You Need to Know

Black History Month allows us to reflect. Along with photography, many fields and societies can ponder the stories of black communities around the world. For over a decade, The Phoblographer has had the honor of featuring some of the best black photographers in our industry. From street photography to portraiture, documentary to editorial, we’ve featured all types of genres and photographic stories coming from the black gaze.

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Jamiya Wilson’s 100 Faces Challenges Social Boundaries

All images by Jamiya Wilson. Used with permission.

“Don’t be a weirdo,” says Jamiya Wilson about the approach he took to his 100 Faces project. “Ask where they’re from. Compliment their outfit.” New York based photographer Jamiya Wilson is a Phoblographer Alumni, and his latest project involves, well, not being a weirdo. 100 Faces is a collection of street portraits with people he meets out and about on the streets of the Big Apple. The impetus: every day we allow people to walk past us without consideration for who they are. The same places and plenty of faces, yet they still remain strangers. But what if photography was able to bridge the gap, bring us closer ,and make a stranger a friend?

In his words, “100 Faces is my humble attempt to get people to stop for a moment and consider that stranger.”


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Tattered Women: Raising Awareness of The Way We Treat Models

All images by Jamiya Wilson. Used with permission. Lead image title: Internet Comments

Photographer Jamiya Wilson is a portrait and headshot photographer residing in New York City. He’s a Phoblographer Alumni and for a while helped out here with tutorials, reviews, etc before moving on to continue to build himself as an artist. Where most people who go through tough artistic slumps combined with a move to a big city that ultimately ends up squashing their dreams, Jamiya rose up.

Born in Jackson, MS, Jamiya was always inspired by visuals from animation to cinema. Eventually he obtained his B.S. in Film from Full Sail University, before furthering his studies in photography, obtaining his MFA from The Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Most recently, he finished a project called Tattered Women–which strives to search for meaning in various ads here in NYC.





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How I Caught The Photo Bug: Features Writer Jamiya Wilson


I never wanted to be a photographer. The thought never crossed my mind. Sure, we had a few cameras around the house growing up, but I grew up relatively poor so our cameras were nothing more than your standard Polaroid instant film camera. Oh and we had the disposable ones, too! I didn’t come from a long line of great photographers or pick it up at an early age. I probably didn’t use a digital camera for anything until around 2005. I got into photography purely by chance. Once I discovered it, my life changed forever. Here’s my story.

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