Digipod Wants to Take Your Old Film Camera and Turn it Into a Digital One


There have long been ideas and prototypes for peripherals to make old film cameras into digital ones. But unfortunately, major attempts have died so far. But a UK Developed by the name of James Jackson has spent a while researching some of those projects and has developed a prototype of his own. He’s looking for funding via IndieGogo for the DigiPod–which fits neatly into an old film camera and works with the mechanics of said cameras.

At the moment though, don’t expect a full frame sensor. Instead it is a 1/2.5 CMOS sensor with an ISO range from 24-3200 that needs to be set before you put the Digipod into the camera–just like the old film days. Now, don’t expect it to totally work like a digital camera. There is no LCD screen and that would need you to either cut out a portion of the back or open it up constantly to chimp your photos. James states that in the future, larger sensors will be accommodated to.

The project is currently looking for backers and need 100,000 Euro to complete the project. His demo video is after the jump.

Via Petapixel 

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