Jacob Lindell’s NYC Street Photography Captures the Smallest Interactions


All images by Jacob Lindell. Used with permission.

“The everyday ordinary… and everything else.” says photographer Jacob Lindell on what motivates him to take photos.

Jacob isn’t really sure how he got into street photography, but he does it every day. “I don’t know when it started but I remember having this feeling of wanting to document certain moments. It could be at a party, walking on the street or simply sitting on a bench and enjoying the sun and it would annoy the shit out of me if I didn’t have the means to do it.” says Mr Lindell. “So then I finally decided to bring my camera with me everywhere.”

Coining himself as a bit of a nomad, Jacob was born in Stockholm, Sweden then moved to Monaco, then Germany, then Canada, then Germany again, Sweden, Holland, Paris, New York, and is currently making a nest in London. His folks work in the advertising and design world, and so he was naturally exposed to creativity. “A huge part of that was documentation of ideas, projects, process, etc. as well as having the ability to do it yourself instead of relying on others. I guess this is what really got me started with photography. It was out of necessity.” says Jacob.

But Jacob’s work in NYC is what really fascinates us. He used to shoot with a D700 and a handful of primes, but then switched to his mother’s first camera: an Olympus OM-1. These days he totes around a Leica M6 TTL and 35mm Summicron.

Mr. Lindell believes that what differentiates New York and London so much is proximity. The design of the city stacks things on top of one another. It allows the atmosphere to create the small interactions that Jacob thinks usually go unnoticed.

More of his photos are after the jump.

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