Music Photographer Angelina Castillo Tells Incredible Stories


All images by Angelina Castillo. Used with permission.

Photographer Angelina Castillo may be familiar to some of you. She had a series of photos go viral recently which featured “Sad Dads” at One Direction concerts. While the internet may have enjoyed that series, what’s even more incredible about her is all the stories that she has to tell as a music photographer.

She hails from Texas and began taking photos at a young age because she didn’t want to pay to get into concerts. When adulthood beckoned, Angelina moved to upstate New York to attend Ithaca College. While there, she tells us that she “studied things totally irrelevant to real life, met some very wonderful people, and realized how little she liked snow.”

In 2012, she moved to Nashville and started shooting photos for Third Man Records. Angelina was recently chosen by the Impossibly Project as a photographer to experiment with the company’s new special edition film that they designed in collaboration with Jack White’s music label. And while she created some very cool photos with it, you’ll want to hear more about the industry from her perspective.

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Music Photographer David James Swanson on Building a Career


All images by David James Swanson. Used with permission.

David James Swanson has been a professional photographer in NYC since 2007. Before this, he was in a band and used to do the photos all by himself. Then one day he met up with Terry Richardson and the famous photographer photographed David’s band. When David began to get more into photography, he started out by assisting Terry. After a while, he became Jack White’s (from the White Stripes) tour photographer. Most recently, he teamed up with the Impossible project after the company collaborated with White’s label.

David has stories and quotes for days–and we had the opportunity to talk to him very recently about all this and his feelings on Instagram versus a tangible photo.

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