This 1975 Darkroom Looks Like Its Out of Star Trek


©JackTurkel_1975_Darkroom (8)

All images by Jack Turkel. Used with permission

Jack Turkel’s darkroom from 1975 was well worth being on MTV’s Cribs show many years ago–but even today his darkroom is turning heads and getting photographers excited; or at least photos of it are. Jack, being the creative that he is, decided to give his dark room a special touch and due to his fascination with NASA and other space age technology, he modelled it very much after that. He built it in his parents’ basement when his photo career was just starting to take off.

Today it is still around, but nowhere in the shining glory that it was years ago. We talked to Jack about the darkroom, the inspiration for it, and the type of work that he did down there in the 1975 darkroom.

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