The Wonderful Story of Street Photographer Jack Sharp

All images by Jack Sharp. Used with permission from Dylan Scalet.

“I was told he fully embraced anything he ever took interest in,” explains Dylan Scalet to the Phoblographer in an email about his grandfather, Jack Sharp. “That meant when he took up Photography, he did all the research. Understood the mechanics of the camera, the science behind light, and the alchemy of the darkroom.” Mr. Sharp was a British engineer by trade at the famous CERN laboratories in Geneva, Switzerland, but was an avid photographer in his free time between 1950-1970. And by the looks of the archive tMr. Scalet sent us, his grandfather had a serious love of street photography akin to that of Vivian Maier and Pierre Crocquet. This isn’t too far off from what many of us do today–but the gear and how we do it is far different. Jack also came from a time where one really shot for themselves instead of Instagram likes. And that’s evident in the images.

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