Chasing Dreams: A Street Portrait Series by Iwona Pinkowicz

Vinciento: “My dream is to find a wife.”

All images by Iwona Pinkowicz. Used with permission.

Photographer Iwona Pinkowicz has evolved quite a bit since bidding her day job adieu to pursue photography full time. To refresh, Iwona is a fantastic street photographer who then got into street portraiture and earned a spot on our list of great women photographers to watch. Iwona’s approach has always been really different from others, and even the results she gets when asking people candidly for a portrait seem to turn into photos that show some sense of connection.

Iwona is self-taught and says that these days she specializes in story telling and portrait photography–and that’s what’s so evident in her series “Chasing Dreams.”

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Iwona Pinkowicz: Telling Street Portraits of Strangers


All images by Iwona Pinkowicz. Used with permission.

“After sometime of secretly photographing people on the street I decided that I wanted to interact with my subjects and learn something about them before taking more intimate photos.” says photographer Iwona Pinkowicz about her latest street photography project. Iwona, who you’ve read about previously, is all about facial expressions. Indeed, one of the pillars of portraiture is that the eyes are the windows to the soul. And if you generally approach strangers in the right way, you’ll see that we’re just human beings afterall.

Iwona has been working on this project since the start of January–photographing what she says is a rich variety of folks. “I’ve also been quite taken aback and pleasantly surprised by how open and willing most people have been to having their portrait taken.” she states.

This project will continue to evolve for her through until the end of the year. And today, she wants to share some insight.

But what’s even more amazing is the obvious connection between both Iwona and the person being photographed.

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Iwona Pinkowicz: Facial Expressions in Street Photography


All images by Iwona Pinkowicz. Used with permission.

Photographer Iwona Pinkowicz is a London based street photographer takes a special interest in facial expressions. She’s only been shooting for a little over a year, but has earned the recognition of the famous Street Photography London (SPL)–which is run by Nicholas Goodden. And just think: for a while she believed that she wasn’t good enough.

Iwona works in digital marketing during the day and on her daily commute shoots photos.  “Photographing in public has changed the way I see the world.” says Iwona. “I’m more awake and aware than ever before, always in search of interesting people or situations to capture. I see life through the lens everywhere I go, even when I don’t have my camera with me!”

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