Ivaylo Petrov’s Fresh and Inspiring Perspective on Portraits


All images by Ivaylo Petrov. Used with permission.

Ivaylo Petrov is a portrait, editorial and commercial photographer. But he’s not just any portrait shooter–in fact, Ivaylo creates portraits instead of shoots them. His images have a very grand look to them that inspires and is a fresh perspective on the portrait.

“In my work, I mainly photograph people, both in studio and on location. I consider myself a versatile photographer, who likes to take on every assignment with individual approach and that’s what defines my style – its diversity.” Ivaylo tells us. “My personal preference is, however, classic, cinematic look and feel of the work that I do.” He continues to tell us that his inspiration comes from other forms of art. For example, he loves watching movies.

You can find more of his work on Behance, but we talked about it with him here.

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