7 Great Photography Podcasts to Help the Workday Pass


I used to have to face a brutal commute. For 5 days a week, I would be trapped in my car for an average of 2.5 hours, all to make a 30-mile round trip. Though I had tried listening to music, talk radio and books on tape to help endure the notorious stop-and-go traffic of the 405 and 210 Freeways, it was podcasts that transformed the drive from feeling like an extreme sport to an enjoyable part of my day.

It was my fondness for podcasts that helped inspire my own show The Candid Frame, but I still listen to a lot of shows to help keep me informed and inspired, especially when it comes to my photography.

Though there are a lot more choices than I had 8 years ago, I wanted to offer my own personal favorite podcasts (most of which are photo related) for you to discover and explore. I hope you find enjoyment in them whether or not you face your own challenging commute. They are listed here in no particular order.

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Pic A Moment Lets You Go Time-Traveling on Instagram

Pic A Moment iTunes Screenshots Composite

While actual time travel is either impossible or yet to be invented (depending on whom you ask,) it is indeed possible to take a glimpse at the past thanks to our highly connected environment. Each day, millions of photos are uploaded to social sharing services such as Instagram, and each photo captures a unique moment in time and space. And that’s the premise behind a new app called Pic A Moment.

Pic A Moment is a new app for iOS 7 devices that lets you search for a combination of time and place on Instagram, and look at the pictures that Instagram users have uploaded at that specific moment. So let’s imagine you missed the big New Year’s Eve party at Times Square–no problem! Just enter date and location into Pic A Moment, and see what other Instagram users uploaded at these specific space-time coordinates!

But it’s not only for fun and entertainment that the app can be used. Remember how during the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings, it were pictures taken by bystanders that lead to clues about those responsible? In theory, it should be possible to use Pic A Moment to search for pictures taken during the same time and at the same location that a crime was committed–even if only coincidentally.

Pic A Moment is not the first app of its kind, there’s already another app like it available on iTunes. However, Instalook sells for US-$ 0.99, whereas Pic A Moment is free. If you’re as hooked by the idea as we are, then head over to iTunes and give it a try!

Via TechCrunch

iPhoneographers Rejoice: 500px Adds Metadata Editing, Light Boost Promises Better Low Light Images

iPhone 5S

The iPhone is the device that really started the mobile photography boom. Considering this, it’s no wonder that many developers are focusing on iPhone users first, and only later port their apps to Android. It’s no exception this time, with Android users of the 500px app receiving only a couple of minor changes with the latest update. iPhoneographers, on the other hand, can now enjoy Metadata editing straight out of the latest version of the iOS app.

The new 500px app can be downloaded for free from iTunes.

Then, there’s a new photo app for iOS called ‘Light Boost,’ and it promises to do exactly that. The app is specialized on low light situations, and will deliver better image quality than the original iOS photo app, according to its developers. In part, this is achieved through longer exposure times as well as lower resolution and lower framerates in video mode. As what other kinds of magic are at work here, we have no clue.

The app is currently discounted on iTunes and sells for US $0.99 during the Christmas season.

Also in the news today was VSCO Cam, which offers new filter presets for both iOS and Android users. See our news story here.

Via Photography Blog and Engadget

Digital Negative App Lets Your iOS Device Capture Uncompressed RAW Images


Ever wanted to shoot RAW files with your iPhone or iPad. Well that’s what Cypress Innovations is apparently touting that their new Digital Negative App can do for you. According to them, the app will capture fully uncompressed and full data from the image sensor and then convert it into a DNG–which is Adobe’s native RAW file format that they have been trying to make universal. That means that when you pull them into Lightroom or Photoshop, you’ll have loads more versatility when it comes to editing.

Still, you can’t have full manual control over your picture taking abilities. However, this is still a huge leap in iPhoneography.

Digital Negative is now available for download from the iTunes store.

The Latest Issue of Olympus Magazine is Out: Complete With Cute Hipster Girl Shot Terry Richardson Style on the Cover

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Olympus Magazine (1 of 1)ISO 1601-40 sec at f - 2.8

Olympus Magazine (who knew they put out their own publication!) is now out and available for download. In the issue: news from Olympus, cool images shot with Olympus cameras, a chance to win the new XZ-10, and an interview with Jay McLaughlin, a fashion photog who hails from the land of footie (we mean Britain.) The interview is great for those getting started in the fashion industry, especially for the Model Meyhem types. Let alone, Jay’s work is actually damned good.

Olympus magazine can be downloaded from the iTunes store; we recommend using an iPad or an iPad mini for the best viewing experience though.