Figosa’s Beautiful Italian Leather Straps Now Come in Colors


We’ve previously reviewed the Vintage Leather strap by Figosa shortly after we first heard about them, and the strap even made it to a carefully curated list of our favorites. And today, the company is announcing that the straps are getting a little bit more swag to them: they’re now coming in colors. After a company announcement, Laura and Andrea (the creators) once again explained that these are still being hand made. At the moment, they only have white and lavender–which are both available in their Etsy store.

Because of the dyeing process, these straps are a tad pricier at $40.84; but considering the strength and quality of the Italian leather being used, that’s still a bargain.

The Timeless Eye: Luigi Ghirri’s Kodachrome

IbarionexPerelloThePhoblographerkoda-01-whiteDuring the mid-seventies, color photography was relegated to the glossy pages of consumer magazines, rather than prestigious gallery walls. When the work of William Eggleston was exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in 1976, the art community saw it as a garish collection of colorful noise, a mash-up of the ordinary and the mundane.

That exhibit was a benchmark for a huge shift in photography, but it wasn’t one that was relegated to the United States. There were photographers all over the world who had shifted away from the traditional world of black and white photography and who began to experiment with the possibilities of color. One of these people was Italian photographer, Luiggi Ghirri, whose self-published book, Kodachrome, was released one year after the Eggleston’s landmark exhibition at MoMA.

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Review: Figosa Mirrorless and Vintage Camera Leather Strap

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Figosa Black Vintage strap (4 of 5)ISO 2001-125 sec at f - 5.6

Figosa is an extremely new company in the camera strap world. Based in Italy, and manufacturing their products from genuine Italian Leather, they are initially targeting users of film cameras and mirrorless digital cameras. Italian leather has always been known for its excellent quality and it is often always worked with by hand. This leather lends its qualities to their first strap designed for vintage cameras and mirrorless interchangeable lens cams as well. It can come in different colors, but we went for the conservative black look. The overall quality and look earned the strap a special mention in our recent camera strap roundup.

But should it be the next strap on your camera?

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Figosa Is a Brand New Italian Leather Camera Strap Maker


We all love beautiful camera straps–this is evident in the sheer amount of emails or comments that this blog receives simply asking what straps I use on my cameras. Figosa is a new company based out of Italy and working with genuine Italian Leather to give you heart palpitations when their work is paired with beautiful cameras. The strap above is called, “Tracolla in cuoio stile vintage per macchine fotografiche analogiche e mirrorless” which translates to “Leather Vintage Style Shoulder Strap for Mirrorless Cameras”–but it probably sounds a heck of a lot sexier in Italian. That strap can be picked up on the company’s Etsy store. At the moment, they only have one camera strap but they pledged to us that they’re working on more. So when a refresh comes, you’ll be the first to know.