ISS Astronauts Slip a GoPro Camera into a Floating Ball of Water in Space

Space GoPro

NASA has put out plenty of cool videos of water in zero gravity from crying in space, ring out a towel, or just play with a small orb of the liquid. Now three International Space Station astronauts are showing us how the world looks though a pool of floating water by pushing a GoPro camera inside. The three astronauts—Steve Swanson, Reid Wiseman, and Alexander Gerst—filmed the whole space experiment with a 3D camera and the results look simply stunning.

The video starts off showing the astronauts squeezing out water from pouches as it takes on a spherical shape. The camera simply passes through on the first attempt to lodge it inside the ball of liquid but the astronauts eventually get it to sit inside. As the GoPro is suspended in the water it records a snipped of footage showing the world being distorted though the flowing and ebbing water.

The video is one of the coolest bits of footage to come from space and it’s about the closest thing you can experience swimming in zero gravity. Check it out in 2D and 3D after the break, so throw on some 3D shades.

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NASA Astronaut Reid Wiseman is One of the Best Space Photographer of Our Time

This is Typhoon Halong of the coast of Taiwan. Photo courtesy of Reid Wiseman/NASA

This is Typhoon Halong of the coast of Taiwan. Photo courtesy of Reid Wiseman/NASA

Reid Wiseman, an astronaut currently aboard ISS, has been a highly active photographer, showing us all images that instill a sense of calm. With a full suite of technology at his fingertips, he’s been making images of the earth at all times of day, and his night images are particularly awe-inspiring. Continue reading…

Earth is in Focus with NASA’s Incredible HD Earth Viewing Experiment


From here on in, we all can experience how it feels like to be in outer space.

Partnering up with a group of high school students from the incredible High Schools United with NASA to Create Hardware (HUNCH) program, NASA has created and recently launched the High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) expriment, giving millions, if not billions, of people access to scenes miles outside the Earth’s atmosphere.

This awesome experiment involves four cameras, designed with help from the students, that are attached to the International Space Station (ISS) and pointing towards Earth to give earthbound spectators beautiful HD views of the planet. These cameras, of course, are protected from harsh radiation in space by temperature-specific housing and are also helping NASA engineers analyze the effect of outer space on video quality for future missions.

The experiment, while a success, is still in its infancy and therefore far from perfect. The feed, for example, may go down when it switches from one camera to the next, causing the screen to turn gray for a few minutes. But the breathtaking scenes it captures for us more than makes up for it. Finally, we all can see what those astronauts and cosmonauts have been seeing for decades. And we don’t even have to spend a quarter of a million dollars or watch Gravity or Apollo 13 over and over again for it.

Watch the live feed after the jump.

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Space Junkies Rejoice, NASA Now Has an Official Instagram Account

NASA Moon Over Earth Seen From ISS

And now for some real Instagram news, and this one is for all you space junkies out there: NASA now has an official Instagram account! So far, the agency has only uploaded seven pictures, but they’re awesome and promise that more space coolness will follow soon. For example, there’s the iconic Apollo 11 shot from July 20, 1969, showing Earth rising above the Moon’s horizon. Another one shows the Moon hovering over Earth’s horizon as seen from the ISS, and yet another one shows the launch of the Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) this past Friday night. You can follow NASA on Instragram by looking them up directly in your Instagram app, or via Instagram’s web interface.

More NASA Instragram awesomeness after the break.

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Chris Hadfield Posts a Vertigo Inducing View of Niagara Falls


When most folks post photos of Niagara Falls, they’re often very low to the ground and on a very human perspective. But Commander Chris Hadfield (the commander of the ISS) decided to one up nearly everything else ever shot. This photo, posted on his Twitter, was obviously taken with a camera mounted onto the side of a plane while it was flying sideways over the famous tourist location. Now, saying that it is vertigo inducing is a major understatement. Not many photogs get to post views from this high up and doing this death-defying a stunt.

Maybe Chris really want to get back into the air?

The International Space Center Uses Loads of Nikon Gear to Capture These Beautiful Images

NASA / Pettit / ISS Fotos aus dem All

Nikon Rumors has spotted a piece from German magazine Spiegel that shows lots of images of not only Nikon gear at the International Space Center but also some absolutely beautiful images from NASA. Astronauts Canadian Chris Hadfield and American Thomas H. Marshburn are both tweeting loads of images from space–and the former often shows off random videos such as moving a space suit from one spot to another. And we can surely tell you that it’s nothing like it is in the movies.

Why Nikon? Well, besides the obvious good quality Nikon has long had an excellent relationship with the US government offering all government employees discounts on Nikon goods.

Let’s just hope that all that gear doesn’t burn up on re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere this time around.

Take a look at some of the selects after the jump.

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