Benjamin Eagle’s Experience Photographing ISIS Survivors

This is a syndicated blog post from Format Magazine. Also be sure to check out Format’s fantastic website hosting and creation offerings. Article originally done by Jessica Bateman. All images and text are used with permission.

We spoke to photographer Benjamin Eagle about his portrait photography project #IamYezidi. No stranger to hostile environments, photographer Benjamin Eagle‘s recent project #IamYezidi focuses on the Yezidi women who were held captive by ISIS. He spent five days in Iraq photographing the portrait series. The resulting exhibition took place in London last month, and featured the images alongside snippets of the women’s personal stories.

As reported by the UN, the Yezidis or Yazidis an an ethno-religious group indigenous to the northern Iraq being targeted for genocide by ISIS. They’re killing men who refuse to convert and subjecting women held captive to “the most horrific of atrocities.” As a rare glimpse into the people affected by these crimes against humanity, Eagle’s work will linger in your mind long after you look away.

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