Not Bad for a Content Creator: The Drobo 8D Review

The Drobo 8D is a pretty good option for the photographer or content creator who needs to have their photos, videos, and more always backed up.

My move to the Drobo 8D came after a number of LaCie drives had failed on me and caused a ton of headaches with our standard content production. Admittedly, I’ve never used something like the Drobo 8D before, though I’ve been aware of their benefits. For years, my LaCie drives had never failed on me. But then three failed within a period of half a year. Frustration finally made me move to a RAID. New photographers and content creators may not truly understand the need for one. Indeed, I was a photographer who said, “This would never happen to me.” In my defense, I’ve been a photographer who mostly worked from a laptop for the majority of my career; portable hard drives always made more sense. Most of the stuff I do goes online into the Phoblographer’s Media Library. But, there are times when I need to access other things, and the Drobo 8D has proven to be pretty great at keeping all my data secured and backed up when I’m home. Of course when I’m traveling, it’s not going with me.

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Seagate’s IronWolf and BarraCuda Pro Hard Drives Can Store up to 12TB of Photos

It seems that the storage wars are getting pretty insane right now as today Seagate is introducing two new hard drives. The first is called the Seagate IronWolf.  The second is the Seagate BarraCuda Pro. Both are being targeted to small and medium sized businesses in addition to creative professional photographers. So why so much space? According to the press release, Seagate and IDC conducted a recent study on data creation. According to them, it’s going to swell to 163 zetabytes by 2025. Yup, that’s right; in less than 10 years it’s going to be that big. So these drives are designed for media storage, augmented reality, virtual reality, 4k video, 360 videos, and tons of photos.

The press release is after the jump.

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