Irix 11mm f4 Ultra Wide Angle Lens for Full Frame DSLRs Has Markings That Glow in the Dark

Third party alternatives for lenses have been offering good performance to cost ratio with added unique features sometimes rivaling original lens options from camera manufacturers. Irix has recently launched the Irix 11mm f4 ultra wide angle lens designed for full frame DSLRs. Last year, we got our hands on the product. The Irix 11mm f4 lens comes in two versions; Firefly and Blackstone. Both variations carry different characteristics in chassis construction and weight but have similar optical characteristics.

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First Impressions: Irix 11mm f4 Lens

One of the latest companies to hit the scene is Irix. They’ve been around for a few years, but the Swedish company is gaining more and more recognition for some carefully thought out new features and attention to details. Their manual focus lenses are focused on the DSLR customer, but they state that offerings for mirrorless cameras are on their way.

Recently, we had the chance to play with the company’s new 11mm f4–and there is a whole lot here that everyone should be paying attention to.

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