Man on Bridge is the Story of a Man Who Photographed 182,500 Dubliners


Most street photographers walk around a city to try something new. But one man named Arthur Fields spent all his time on the O’Connell bridge in Dublin, Ireland. He was such a mainstay that there is now a documentary being produced on him–but it’s not your typical doc. Instead, the creators of Man on Bridge are encouraging people to upload their photos that he shot of them in the 50 years that he photographed people.

“Ultimately, in a time where we are over-photographed, we want Man on Bridge to remind people how important the physical photo is as an object to value and hold on to for years.”

A Google Plus Group has a couple of the photos already verified as Arthur’s, while a simple website designed by his grandson has barely any information on the man otherwise. The trailer for the project is after the jump.

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