Laurie Freitag Captures the Ephemeral Magic of Childhood

Laurie Freitag doesn’t have many photographs of herself as a young child. “It bothers me that I cannot remember much of my childhood before I was seven years old,” she tells me. She’s not alone; research suggests that most of us recall very little of that time. It’s a phenomenon known as “childhood amnesia,” and although we still don’t know much about it, we do know that the first seven years can be some of the most important and influential, even if we can’t picture them clearly.   

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Does Your Phone Need This? PolarPro LiteChaser Filter System Review

The PolarPro LiteChaser Filter System is a nice way to add a circular polarizer into your workflow, but there are some flaws.

The cameras in modern smartphones are getting better and better. It’s no wonder that many people are ditching their dedicated cameras. One area that mobile photography needs help is in the accessories department. PolarPro has been making filters for traditional lenses for a long time, and they have decided to branch out into the mobile arena with their PolarPro LiteChaser filter system. While this system comes in many flavors, we had the chance to test and review the Photography Kit. Is this a system mobile photographers can’t live without? Let’s find out in our review.

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PolarPro’s LiteChaser Filter System Aims to Elevate Mobile Photography

PolarPro Litechaser Filter System

If you use your iPhone 11 as your primary camera, the PolarPro LiteChaser Filter system should help open up more creative avenues.

There is no denying that the cameras in today’s phones are seriously impressive, but content creators are handicapped by a lack of pro-grade accessories that can help them get more out of their cameras. PolarPro, known for creating filters for conventional lenses, has taken note of this and have created the PolarPro LiteChaser Filter system. It should help mobile creators get more out of their setup. Join us after the break to learn more about PolarPro’s new filter system which includes, a case, grip, ND filter, variable ND’s, and circular polarizers.

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