How Introversion and the Camera Made Sarah Blesener Get into Photography

All images by Sarah Blesener. Used with permission.

For photographer Sarah Blesener (Instagram), photography began as an experiment into what she calls “an escape.” She started photographing those around her, namely her sister, going through an eating disorder. She’s a documentary photographer by trade who, interestingly enough, took a lot of inspiration from literature. Yes, literature; something lots of creative, surreal photographers typically draw influence from. And of course, she adores movies and film. Sarah was just named one of Adobe’s Rising Stars of Photography for 2018, and we had a moment to ask her a few quick questions about her, her work, and her future as a photographer.

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Photography as a Method for Dealing with Introversion

julius motal introversion the phoblographer

I have a hard time around new people. At parties, I look for the one person I know, and if that’s a wash, I float at the edges of conversations. I’m terrible at introducing myself, though if I’m okay if I’m introduced. The thing about introversion is that I get my energy from within and from my pursuits. Social functions can be exhausting, and I sometimes need to remove myself to the periphery in order to recharge. Photography and by extension writing, like the work I do for this site, quickly became a natural fit for me because it allows me to contextualize my thoughts and put them out into the world in a way that engages with people, which is what draws me to photographing on the street. Continue reading…