The Intimate Lifestyle Portraiture of Lennart Bader {NSFW}

All Images by Lennart Bader. Used with Permission.

Intimate portraiture is less about a sexy subject or an immaculately furnished set location, it’s all about the feeling, the emotion, the character of the frame. It has a raw, real, but at the same time warm and inviting feel. Lennart Bader has spent years developing his style of intimate portraiture, which blends a sexy boudoiresqe environment with elements of lifestyle portraiture and color theory to create these powerful and intimate images.

Like many high school aged kids, Lennart Bader was influenced by the friends around him. One summer, when a friend received a Canon 300D and 50mm lens he was blown away by the look of the images taken with a wide open aperture. For his next birthday he requested a camera of his own, and ended up receiving a Canon 350D. “That’s when my addiction to photography and cameras begun.” He tells The Phoblographer.

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The Creative Mentality Behind Intimate Portraiture (NSFW)

All images by Jason Bach. Used with permission.

“We live in a world where media & film censorship favors violence over the beauty of the naked form.” says photographer Jason Bach about how he got into intimate portraiture. “To me, its an appalling concept and should be reversed – we should be embracing and teaching younger generations that sexuality and nudity is natural and a much more positive representation of humanity than what violence offers.” You see, Jason isn’t one of those guys on the social interwebs using nudity to become Instafamous–he creates genuinely intimate, sensual and beautiful work.

Jason Bach is a wedding and commercial photographer who owns his studio The Photogenic Lab based in Denver, CO. He labels his distinctive style as “playful, innovative images that wrap stories into single moments.” Indeed, it makes a lot of sense. And when it comes to creating intimate scenes, he says that it’s all about the serious nature behind the work.

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