How to Get More Intimacy in Your Photographs

Photography can be a lonely practice. Connecting with the intimacy we have around us is a great way to soothe the feeling of isolation.

Intimacy is a beautiful part of being human. It makes our heart beat faster, our pupils dilate, and fills our brains with endorphins. To have the opportunity to record that is an extremely satisfying thing to do. To connect with intimacy, however, isn’t always straightforward. If we are not open to the process of identifying a human connection, then the tiny moments of connectivity will slip past our eye. For this reason, we must train both our mind and our eye to spot all the amazing moments of human interaction that happen around us.

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Why Your Street Photography Image Doesn’t Make Me Feel Anything

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The other day, Julius and I were going through images and submissions the site when we stumbled upon a submission who had a couple of impeccable images that were plagued by one big problem. The pillars of street photography tell you things like “F8 and be there”, “Get closer”, or “Sharpness is a bourgeois concept.” Yes, it’s true, rules are meant to be broken but not when it comes to capturing emotion and intimacy in an image.

But as we kept sifting through the images, we felt the same thing: the photographer wasn’t close enough to their subject. We both feel this often for many photographers we come across.

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