This Is How the Photo Industry Can Be Saved

The more I think about it, the happier I’ve become with the idea. The photo industry has become a lively place filled with sparks and new energy. And I think it’s time for a significant change. In some ways, the photo industry needs a complete overhaul. I’m not just talking about the galleries, but the manufacturers as well. There needs to be something new, something totally different from everything else. This starts with company management.

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Photographer Ali Choudhry Hilariously Uses Donuts for a Special Message

All images by Ali Choudhry. Used with permission.

“It’s actually inspired by The Simpsons and was probably what started this whole idea to be honest,” explains photographer Ali Choudhry in an email interview with us. Ali is referencing the bright pink donut that you’ll see in this blog post. But the idea is tackling a bigger issue: that of intersectional feminism. We’ve featured Ali’s work on the site before, but DONUT Come For ME really stood out to us. Looking at the images, you’d think they’re ordinary donuts. And this plays a key part of it all. They’re a fun metaphor for all of us being unique.

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