How I Caught the Photo Bug: Editor in Chief Chris Gampat


See that photo of me above? That was me four years ago–freshly into of the early stage of my photography career.

Most people that know me will say that I shoot various things: weddings, models, anything requiring a complicated lighting setup, street, and more. I had my paparazzi stage when I got out of college and I’ve also been an events shooter. But if you had to ask me how I got my start in photography, you’d probably never guess how it happened or why it happened. And if you look at my entire career and gauge where I am now, you’ll see a tremendous difference in not only the creative self expression, but in the entire thought process as well. If you asked the 18 year old me where I would be in life in my late 20’s, I would’ve told you that I’d be a mid-level editor at a major magazine or newspaper. And that younger self wouldn’t ever have expected to be telling the story of how he caught the photo bug.

And like most things, it’s partially a love story.

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