Photojournalist in India Gang-Raped While on Assignment


Photo sketches of the subjects

One of the biggest risks that any photojournalist takes is going out there and shooting in dangerous situations–and unfortunately sometimes really bad things happen. According to the BBC, who is stating that the victim is a Mumbai photojournalism intern, the attack that is being called a gang rape happened while she was out on assignment. The journalist is 22 years old, and is currently in the hospital with lots of injuries. A similar incident happened last year to a 23 year old woman who unfortunately died afterwards.

NBC News is stating that the country is outraged and many have taken to social media to vent their anger. And according to Al Jazeera, lots of issues about women’s safety are being talked about right now.

Many rapes apparently happen in the section of India where she was, but often go unreported.

Via The BBC