PONF Camera: Creating a Digital and Film Hybrid Camera

The world is about to get the first digital and film camera hybrid.

“We signed an agreement with SONY for their full frame and APS-C sensors,” is what Raffaello Palandri tells me about the progress of his project. You see, Raf is in the process of releasing some very groundbreaking technology. Years ago, we were able to create cameras that could take film backs and digital backs–but only in medium format. Indeed, one could shoot with their Contax 645, Mamiya 645D, or Mamiya RZ67, using film camera backs, and then switch out to medium format digital whenever they wished. But now that technology is trickling down the line into full frame and APS-C cameras. Raf is the Director behind a project from R&T Global Services Ltd. that is trying to put together what they’re calling a Multiback camera.

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