Fujifilm Japan Issues Notice on Price Increase of Film

Fujifilm velvia 50

As we know, the photographic film industry is a whole mix of sales going up and down. Part of this may explain some of the newest information that came out about currently film stocks and availability. According to Photo Rumors, a notice from Fujifilm Japan was recently issued that explains which films will be discontinued while others will be subject of a 20% price increase.

According to the Fujifilm reps here in the USA, no official notice or announcement has been issued from their end. However, one may be coming. Additionally, they pointed out to us that some of the information is old while some of it is new.

Further, it seems like Fujifilm’s photographic film products are most popular amongst the younger generations who fully embrace and love the Instax cameras. Indeed, Instax has seen lots of growth and the company specifically cites steady growth in the past five years along with the wide format becoming more popular with professionals.

Stats from the Google translated version of the page is after the jump.

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