The InstantFlex TL70 is the World’s First Instant Film Shooting TLR


No, this isn’t an April Fool’s Joke…or at least we hope that it isn’t.

If it is, then it’s a darn good one.

The folks over at Mint Camera seem to be coming out with something cool and incredible: a brand new TLR camera designed to shoot Instax film. There have been hacks done to TLR cameras to do this for a while, but nothing commercially available.

It’s called the Instantflex TL70; and it’s a TLR camera with an f5.6 aperture (trust us, that’s shallow depth of field for something like this), takes Instax Mini film, can focus as close as 48cm, a built in flash, different flash modes and a very true to life TLR experience with top-down viewing and all. The camera is 30% thinner than regular TLR cameras, has three lens elements with five aperture blades, an ambient light meter, EV compensation, and a lot more to love overall.

When it launches, it’s going to be $324; which isn’t too bad at all.

Don’t think they can do it? Mint has already resurrected over 10,000 Polaroid SX-70 cameras. Trust us, that’s no small feat.

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