Instagram Is is a Short Documentary On Creatives Using the Community


Profile photo from Brenton_Clark

Laughing Squid found a short documentary on a bunch of Instagrammers and the community as a whole. Many of these Instagrammers have large followings and despite the overly cheery and semi-marketing influenced happy feel to the piece, you have to admit that there is some damned good work amongst some of these folks. It was featured on the Instagram blog itself, and some of the stories are actually quite touching such as how one woman found the community during an exceptionally tough period of her life.

On a personal note though, I’d love to see more pieces that are less happy, cheery, wonderful and more pieces that show us a more behind the scenes look of the life of an Instagrammer and how they go about their documenting process. American Hipster did a wonderful piece on Bex Finch talking about her creative process–and there is a heck of a lot more value to that then a PR piece.

The short documentary is after the jump.

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