Patrick Rochon’s Inspired Light Involves 2,520 LEDs and Beautiful Cars

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All images by Patrick Rochon. Used with permission.

Photographer Patrick Rochon has done many awesome shoots involving LED lights, long exposures and flash. He’s done Super Chromatic, Jedi battles, and work for Red Bull. But his latest creation has to be one of the coolest that we’ve seen. It’s called Inspired Light, and was done in collaboration with Infiniti Motors. Again, Patrick is stating that the images are done in-camera with a single image and not digitally manipulated.

Weeks of measuring, mapping, planning, and trial & error apparently went into this shoot with each car took four experienced technicians four hours to rig, while the prototype took several days.

“Each QX70 has 59 feet, or 18 metres, of LED strips, carefully fixed in place.” says Patrick. “The car remained completely intact, all lighting modifications were designed to be installed & removed with out damaging anything. Power supplies and wiring were all carefully concealed in the interior, with a switch as the only visible addition.”

Patrick also states that each car has a total of 2,520 LEDs with output exceeding 30,000 lumens (the amount of visible light emitted).

When we asked about the inspiration, Patrick told the Phoblographer “I think it’s basically a new version of how I see the world. I think all of us are making light and are leaving a trace behind.
All we do and create leaves a trace of light in the universe. Even our bodies are emitting photons and that is scientifically shown to us. So the Infiniti project we call Inspired Light is there to create beautiful light in the universe.”

A video and more photos are after the jump.

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