The New Epson Ecotank Printers are For the Home Office Photographer

There are brand new Epson printers using their EcoTank technology, and Epson targets them at photographers who work from home.

There truly is an odd divide in printing. If you want to print high-end images, then you need a high-end photo printer. Then if you need to just print documents, you need a different printer for that. But with the new Epson Ecotank printers, Epson wants to do it all in one. Better yet, they’re eliminating ink cartridges. The company’s Ecotank printers have been around for years. But these new ones are catering directly to photographers. The Epson ET-8500 and the Epson ET-8550 are both designed for home office photographers. These are dye-based printers, not inkjet-based. That fact alone may draw some hard lines on who uses these.

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Red River’s New Palo Duro Etching Paper is Designed to Emulate the Darkroom Look

It’s not every day or even every quarter of a year that new paper gets announced, but in the case of the new Red River Palo Duro Etching there’s a big reason for photographers to get excited. The paper is made of 100% cotton rag which is designed to present the look of classic fine art prints that can be produced in the darkroom. For that reason, Red River is positing the paper for black and white photographers, portrait photographers, and landscape photographers. To that end, Red River explains they went deep into the physical feed of the paper and to render warm, natural tones with deep blacks. Theoretically, that means you’re most likely going to be locking your white balance to daylight before you print; but of course that also depends on what kind of lighting you’re in.

More information is after the jump below. We’re going to ask Red River for some samples and get to printing.

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Kodak Pulls Out Of The Consumer Printing Business

We’ve all known about Kodak’s financial troubles as of late, and now, they’ve officially announced another hopeful fix to their long term survivability plan. They are cutting off their consumer inkjet printing department, along with 1200 employees. Their thought process behind this decision focuses on taking themselves out of the consumer market while making them more prominent in the commercial and enterprise solutions and services. We will see how things unfold for Kodak come 2013.

And if any of you have a large Kodak based printing set up, they are still offering to support their Kodak customers by continuing to sell supplies and accessories such as ink.

Via The Verge

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